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Support for ABA Providers

Challenging Case Consultation

When working with individuals who display severe challenging behaviors, we as BCBAs are often faced with difficult and unique situations that our training or experience did not fully prepare us for. Sometimes even the most seasoned BCBAs could use another perspective. BCBAs often find ourselves working in environments where this support is not readily available. Calvin Gage has spent years mentoring and supporting BCBAs in their quest to improve clinical services to clients demonstrating challenging behavior. Through in-depth discussion and document review, Calvin will help you navigate complex functional assessment and behavior treatment. Schedule a free initial 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you.

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Functional Analysis Implementation 

Unfortunately, few of us are properly trained in FA implementation. When we encounter a situation that calls for the experimental analysis of a behavior, many of us are left with the choice to go without or attempt to use a procedure in which we do not have the proper experience. Gage Consulting for Challenging Behavior LLC offers a third better option: supported implementation. We are available to design the assessment, directly oversee implementation, and interpret the results while you participate and gain experience in utilizing the procedure. We tailor our support to your needs.

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Workshops and In-Services

Want to improve the skill sets of your clinicians while they get the benefit of earning BACB CEUs?  We customize our trainings and workshops to meet your organization's needs. 

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Behavior Reduction Systems Development 

Are you a new ABA provider or have you been exclusively providing EIBI? Maybe you just want to improve your organization's systems with respect to behavior reduction?  Whether you're looking to design your approach from the ground up or improve a process, Calvin is available to utilize his nearly 10 years of experience designing and managing organizational systems to improve the practice of ABA to help you.  





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