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Training and Support for Other
Professionals & Providers

 You may work in mental health or education, but regardless of your occupation, you are likely working with individuals with a diagnosis of autism and the treatment of ABA at increasing rates. Are you looking to build your staff's knowledge on these topics or develop practices to support your students or clients with autism? We are here to help! Do you have a specific student or client in mind that needs more support? We can support you there too!

Training and Orientation

We are available to introduce you or your agency to working with autism and/or the treatment of ABA. Whether  you are looking for a brief, 1 hour overview or a full day workshop, we can help. Contact us to learn more.

Program Support and Best Practice Implementation 

Are you looking for ways to structure your program to better support your students or clients in a manner that is aligned with evidence based practice and ABA? We are available to consult with your agency to strengthen your approach. Contact us to learn more.

Direct Services

Do you have a student or client in mind? Do they present challenges or needs that could benefit from ABA intervention? Our direct services are available to schools, CMHs and other service providers. We can help with any combination of assessment, treatment planning, staff training and implementation. If desired, our training and support services can aid in giving your staff context and understanding of the service provided. Check out our direct services page to learn more.

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